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  • Outerspace Design
    50 Duke Street, Abbotsford
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About Us

Outerspace Design is a product development team dedicated to successful design delivery. We specialise in industrial design, product engineering and brand development.


  • Jarrod Dunbar

    Very experienced team, easy to work with. Would definitely recommend

  • Leo Trottier

    I've worked with Outerspace now for five years. They took our product, the CleverPet Hub, from being a mere figment of our collective imaginations to a fully realized, beautifully designed, and actually working device that customers love. They are simply excellent when it comes to going from nothing to something that actually works. As other reviewers have indicated, beyond the talent and extremely high overall competence of their engineers, what makes the biggest difference in their performance is that they listen carefully and take their clients' requests seriously. Without this ability of their's I doubt we'd have made it six months.

  • Scott Williams

    I worked as a contractor for Outerspace Design. They are an extremely professional design studio, for both mechanical and electronics product design. The balance between cost, quality, and support throughout projects is unmatched in the industry, and I highly recommend them to any business (big or small) that wishes to pursue taking a product from a concept to a real, mass-manufactured product.

  • David McAuld

    Our experience with Outerspace was excellent. They understood the real world financial constraints of our Fusion Guitar project and worked within the agreed budgets to deliver a world’s first product. Outerspace have a rare combination of technical expertise and artistic flair. A strong in-house electronics capability complements their Industrial Design and Engineering team, this is rare among local consultancies and can make all the difference when developing electronic products. They have expertise in almost every aspect of product development from high level strategic initiatives to production line setup. I highly recommend them.

  • Matt Walker

    Hi Matt, please let us know how we can serve you better and give you five star service! We strive to exceed expectations at every point in the product development journey.

  • John Sprout-Smith

    I have worked with Outerspace for a number of years on quite a few products, and can highly recommend their services. We even managed to win a Worldstar packaging award on the back of one of their designs.

  • Julie Walker

    I’ve worked with Outerspace on a couple of projects - they’re so creative, professional and deliver great products. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

  • Kelly Gurr

    Sergie and his team did a great job bringing the PaperCut print bots to life - from a drawn idea through to a moving collectable. I'd work with them again anytime.

  • Anna Kutasi

    Great product development group that listen and understand your requirements.

  • Tom Blower

    International powerhouse! Made working across time zones easy.

  • David dos reis

    They perfectly understood the brief, developed a solution quickly and produced a functional prototype in no time.

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