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About Us

Rosterfy is an industry leading cloud based workforce management platform with endlesspossibilities, designed solely to remove the stress out of managing mass staff and volunteerrosters and improving workforce retention

Why we exist
With a mission to connect communities to events and causes they are passionate about through their workforce engagement solution, Rosterfy now has over 1 million users worldwide. From the Super Bowl through to tin rattlers for local nonprofits and charities, Rosterfy helps organizations recruit, screen, train, engage and manage volunteers and casual staff to ensure the success of workforce programs big and small..

The evolution of Rosterfy
After completing a degree in sports management and struggling to find opportunities for relevant work experience, co-founders, Shannan Gove and Bennett Merriman created their own staffing company (Event Workforce Group) designed to connect motivated university students with work experience opportunities throughout Australia.

Quickly growing to become one of the most successful volunteer and paid workforce providers in Australia, the team realized that they required a more centralized workforce management system to support their growing database of volunteers and casual staff. Enlisting the help of their friend, Chris Grant (now Co-Owner), the team built an online platform that provided a technical end to end solution to volunteer and workforce management now known as Rosterfy.

Despite initially being designed to be utilized internally, Rosterfy quickly developed a name for itself and it wasn’t long before charities, major events, universities and sporting federations just to name a few, started using Rosterfy themselves to streamline their volunteer and workforce management.

Today, Rosterfy works with a broad range of clients, big and small, to streamline volunteer management.

Volunteer and staff management simplified
Rosterfy exists to connect communities to events and causes they're passionate about through our end to end volunteer and staff management solution. Interested in learning more? Click through to see how Rosterfy can help with your volunteers or staff.

Simplify scheduling
Ensure that you attract the right volunteers and/or staff for your event, organization or cause by replacing manual processes with automations. Rosterfy allows you to schedule the right volunteers and staff for specific roles and events based on role requirements, skills, credentials, location and availability.

Engage with your team
Rosterfy's unique volunteer and staff profiles provide a centralized platform to help you better engage with your team. Track events, shifts, communications, training progress, role offers and available rewards all in the one place enhancing the experience for administrators and users alike.

Keep track in real time
Keep track of all of your activity in real time, including the status of your roster, training and induction module progress. Rosterfy's custom reports allow you to filter by demographics and geo location, which can be summarised in your own custom dashboard within your account.

"One of the best decisions we've made"
One of the best decisions we made was engaging Rosterfy as our volunteer management solution for the ICC Women's T20 World Cup. Operating across six different host cities with multiple venues and roles to fulfil, Rosterfy enabled our small team to confidently execute our workforce management strategy and to engage with our volunteers in meaningful ways. From recruitment and screening right through to scheduling, communication and onsite reporting, Rosterfy was a fantastic asset from start to finish."It's made our lives so much easier"Rosterfy has changed the face of how we run Daffodil Day. It enables us to manage the volunteers en-mass in a way that keeps them engaged and keeps them feeling loved. Managing 1,600 to 1,800 people on spreadsheets didn’t give our volunteer team any capacity to look at the volunteering experience – it was all focused on the act of rostering.

We can retain our volunteer database year-on-year because we’ve improved the technology, their experiences and their training – it’s made our lives so much easier.

"Incredible software - Efficient and effective"
"We use Rosterfy on a daily basis and it makes our job 100x easier and more efficient. Rosterfy is easy to navigate and extremely clear on what features it provides in the navigation menu. The support you receive from Rosterfy is one of the best I have received when submitting a request for improvement - they always reply within 24 hours (usually much sooner)."


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