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About Us

Australia and New Zealand’s only specialist healthcare market research data collection agency with the country’s largest database of healthcare professionals (>85,000). To get a quote and to experience our amazing expertise and service, call 1300 878 955 now.

TKW Research Group is at the leading edge of data collection.

We’ve built a reputation by consistently delivering data collection and recruitment services on budget, on time, and on spec. TKW Research Group is Australia’s most trusted research data collection and recruitment organisation. We use the latest technology to collect high quality, in depth data for market research and stakeholder consultation. This gives our research partners the most efficient, engaging and responsible access to respondents. Our model of outsourced data collection is consistently the most cost-effective option for many of Australia’s leading research providers, and this is one of the many reasons we’re the first choice for a number of the top research organisations in Australia, as well as a growing list of international clients looking to reach the A/NZ market. Our clients choose to work with us because we offer innovative market research and data collection solutions, backed by a dedication to high quality service and support.

Since 1997, we’ve been developing survey methodologies that allow clients to benefit from our experience on previous projects. With the current level of national and international work, covering a broad range of sectors, we are adding to the knowledge of what works all the time.We work with out clients to ensure they can take advantage of our vast experience, taking time to understand the subtleties of a study and drawing upon our experience to suggest the best way to capture the data that our clients require.


  • Anne-Marie Davis

    Thank for all your help over the years, TKW Research is a much valued fieldwork partner. Thanks, Annie.

  • Jaimie Tate

    Fantastic company to work with - always goes above and beyond.

  • Peter Franklin

    the Fact this company thinks its exempt from the Do Not Call Register is an absolute joke. Calling people at 8pm, An even bigger joke, especially when people are sleeping and need to wake up in a few hours for work. And absolute joke, and scam of a company with zero respect for the people they are harassing. A full complaint will be put through to the ombudsman, any any further calls will be met with legal action for harassment and ignoring the DNC register, which in fact, no they are not exempt from. Despite the opinions of the poorly educated staff who apparently think they can do what they like.

  • fraser Samuel

    I worked for fieldworks for a long time as an experienced interviewer. I have an excellent reference from fieldworks. I only stopped as I had a heart attack. Fieldworks had been taken over by this firm. I emailed the boss of this firm and asked for few shifts. In her email she basically said NO. It made me feel sad.

  • Christine Barker

    Marketing company randomly calling mobile numbers. No message left. Suggest the operate on a 1 in 10 hit rate. Have now blocked their number.

  • Koby B

    TKW Research called me for a market research project. It was really interesting to be part of the study, the payment was also very generous. Dealing with the people on the phone was a really smooth process, they did multiple reconfirmations and gave me all the information i needed. I would definitely recommend this to others - great experience and would love to do more!

  • Isaac Beeby

    I would like to set the record straight. My name is Isaac Beeby, I am 19 years of age and I have been an employee at TKW Research for just about 2 months now. If you were to scroll through the reviews of this workplace, you will come across a one star review from a man by the name of James Cameron (yes, he has the same name as the film director). From what I understand, he used to be employed at TKW Reaserch and was apparently terminated from the company just a short time before I started there, therefore I never got the chance to meet him. From what my colleagues have told me from their witnessing, James had an outburst at one of the supervisors who I will not name for the sake of privacy and was fired because of it, this led James to write a very negative review about the company, stating things that were either exxaguated or just simply untrue. I can say without a doubt that the things he wrote, at least in the case of the supervisors, were and still are, completely untrue. I have had absolutely zero complaints or problems from anybody there and vice versa. We may all have a joke around every now and then, but no one is ever rude or insulting. I can also say that we follow the OH&S guidelines very strictly. Everybody who works there is extremely friendly, hardworking and professional. I could not ask for a better place to work.

  • Chris Walters

    Just got call from this company at 7:40pm the minute i started talking they hung up, i have never had dealings with them in the past, this does not sit right

  • Kylie Morris

    The team at TKW Research have worked on many CATI and face to face projects for me over the years. I have found their managers to be responsive and attentive and the quality of their teams really great. The data they collect is of the highest level. I have come to reply on their advice for all things data collection and it helps manage my clients expectations up front. Totally recommend their services for anyone who values quality and support in the market research space. Thank you

  • Sandra Venzon

    I completed a research interview and I was paid almost immediately it was a fantastic experience for not much time and or work - highly recommend using TKW market Research.

  • Shaun Williams

    I have worked with TKW Research for years now on both quantitative and qualitative projects. I have always found the team to be great to partner up with for data collection. The communication I get from the project team is regular and smooth, if there are any issues they give me solutions. My clients are always happy with the data at the end. The quality of their interviewers is really the best I have come across, hence why I still work with them. Thank you.

  • Bryan Madden

    Very professional, I have worked with TKW Research for many years now on numerous project and they are always responsive, professional and complete the projects on time, on budget and on spec. Could not be happier with the team and the data they provide!

  • Tyson O'Brien

    Thank you for making my most recent project run smoothly. The results were great and you unearthed some themes that we were not aware of - so it given us great insight and identified new initiatives that we need to invest in. Thank you to all the team at TKW Research. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together. Great bunch of people!!

  • Francesca Jackson

    Love dealing with TKW they are the best! Great to deal with and have wonderful communication with them! Thanks guys!

  • Tina Stent

    Very professional and knowledgeable. ..worth talking to to help take your business to that next level.

  • Tom Plunkett

    I am willing to do research, but they CONTINUOUSLY ring me at times that I have specifically told them NOT to. If I say today to call after 5pm, I will get a call tomorrow at 10am. I have told them at least 10 times not to call till after 5pm, but they do not oblige. Absolutely NO control mechanism seems to be put in place. If this is how they treat the people they are asking the questions to, the quality of the research would have to be poor. Definitely would NOT recommend them to anybody. They only got one star because that is the least I could give them

  • Angus Norris

    Still have not been paid for a survey completed in Feb 2017. Asked to be paid and removed from any future lists. Received an email today requesting that I be apart of another, longer survey

  • Francesca Jackson

    Love dealing with TKW they are the best! Great to deal with and have wonderful communication with them! Thanks guys!

  • Frank Farrely

    Offer cash incentives for your time, but give a gift voucher instead. Poor form. Makes them and the company they are researching for look cheap.

  • Jaime Matthews

    Being constantly harassed by these people at work. I email them every time and say not to email but they continue to do so!

  • Lynh Phan

    This company promised honorarium for doing their survey. The do not honour their promised honorarium. Don't waste your time with this company.

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